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selection of the most favorable space for your home or commercial activity from the provided 3-6 options.



60€ (on-line)

120€ (in your premices)


I will advise on all questions of interior architecture, design and the psychology of spaces.



80€/1 hour ir 140€/2 hours (on-line)

100€/1 hour ir 160€/2 hours (in your premices)


the most effective space planning according to your needs



from 10€/sq.m


stylistic collage and realistic 3D visualizations with material and color solutions.



from 30€/sq.m


conceptual part of the interior, preparation of detailed technical drawings, selection of interior finishing materials, furniture and accessories and author’s supervision.



from 60€/sq.m


conceptual part of the interior, preparation of detailed technical drawings, selection of interior finishing materials, furniture and accessories, author supervision and full project management.



from 100€/kv.m

holistic approach

environmental psychology

The goal of holistic approach is to enrich the quality of life by harmoniously enhancing the potential of the space and its coherent relationship with its host. I do this through the perception of deep psychology and nature principles. The space is balanced in such a way that life in it will spread. There is a supportive atmosphere in such space, it is good to stay here, easy to communicate and to thrive in health and well-being.

Working with architects

Since I myself am an architect and interior designer, I fully understand the specifics of this work. So it’s easy for me to work in a team of architects as environmental psychology practitioner and bring holistic approach to the project.


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Živilė Stasiūnė

interior architect
environmental psychology practitioner

I have learned in Lithuania and Spain and have bachelor and master degrees of architecture. I worked as an architect at a major construction company and later in an architectural studio. Gradually I was attracted to the interiors and now for more than 13 years I am creating unique residential and commercial space interiors, consult.

I’ve always seen that aesthetic and ergonomic solutions are not enough to create a coherent and sustainable space. I wanted to create spaces that would be alive, breathing, with a supportive atmosphere in which their hosts could grow and prosper, be healthy, develop harmonious relationships and feel inspired.

In search of answers, I studied subtle spatial development disciplines: spatial psychology, sacred geometry, Feng Shui principles and engaged in various spiritual practices. These experiences allow me to see the energy structures of the spaces and their surroundings and to use their potential creating not only beautiful and functional, but also harmonious spaces that help my clients to manifest their greatest aspirations.

While creating interiors I follow oriental philosophy of Zen and the aesthetics of Wabi Sabi. I value purified ideas, naturalness, integrity of functions, I respect the time and context. I allow the space to be the continuum of its environment and live in the same rhythm.

I am proud of long-term and reliable relations with my clients and values I brought to their spaces. I am also glad for time-tested and trusted partners who are making a creative team for each unique project: contractors, salons, talented manufacturers and other talented professionals from different fields.

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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